The military in Pakistan is concerned about how easily militants are able to launch attacks from Afghanistan into Pakistan. They expect the Afghan rulers to take action to address this issue. The military also highlighted the involvement of Afghan nationals in terrorist activities in Pakistan. This statement comes after 12 soldiers were killed in militant attacks in Balochistan. The military expects the interim Afghan government to fulfill its commitments made in the Doha Agreement, which aimed to end the war in Afghanistan. The army chief visited Quetta garrison to pay tribute to the martyrs and to visit the injured soldiers. Pakistan has repeatedly raised concerns over the use of Afghan soil by militants for cross-border terrorism. The military emphasized that operations against terrorists will continue until terrorism is eradicated from the country. The number of militant attacks in Pakistan has increased, particularly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. The military also noted the availability of sophisticated weapons, including those left behind by the US forces during their withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Indian interference in these attacks cannot be ruled out. The army plans to increase counterterrorism operations and restrict the entry of terrorists into Pakistan. The Afghan Taliban spokesperson assured that Afghanistan is committed to not allowing anyone to use its soil against any other country.

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