Hollywood is facing its first industrywide shutdown in 63 years as the union representing 160,000 television and movie actors is set to go on strike. The union, known as SAG-AFTRA, announced that negotiations with Hollywood studios over a new contract had collapsed. The union’s president, Fran Drescher, criticized the studios for their disrespectful responses at the bargaining table. This strike would coincide with the ongoing strike by screenwriters that began in May. The demands of the actors, such as higher wages and increased royalty payments from streaming services, are similar to those of the writers. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents Hollywood companies, expressed disappointment with SAG-AFTRA’s decision. The last time actors and screenwriters went on strike simultaneously was in 1960. This labor movement comes amidst a resurgence of strikes in California. The actors’ strike would provide support to the striking writers and would effectively halt the entertainment business, affecting studios like Disney, Universal, Sony, and platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Apple. The current upheaval in the industry has caused distress due to technological shifts and the impact of the pandemic.

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