In order to treat a patient’s illness, doctors first gather information about the person’s health, such as symptoms and test results. This is called establishing a baseline. Similarly, policy experts need to establish a baseline to determine if their strategies are effective in solving a problem. However, when it comes to Canada’s healthcare system, there has been a lack of baseline data to evaluate the impact of past health accords between federal and provincial governments. The government is now looking to overhaul the way health data is collected and shared to create a complete picture of the system. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has offered provinces $46 billion in new spending over the next 10 years, provided they create measurable goals and harmonize health data across the country. While past efforts to measure the impact of healthcare funding deals have been incomplete, this new plan aims to make data more accessible. The federal and provincial plan seeks to make individual health records and information more accessible to improve the overall health of the population and save time and money. Although implementation will take time, if successful, this plan will allow politicians to better evaluate the effectiveness of the deals they make and give patients a better understanding of their own health.

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