The United Nations Human Rights Council has approved a resolution introduced by Pakistan regarding religious hatred, following the desecration of the Holy Quran in Sweden. The resolution, presented on behalf of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, calls for the UN to publish a report on religious hatred and for states to review their laws to prevent acts and advocacy of religious hatred. However, the United States and the European Union opposed the resolution, stating that it conflicts with their perspective on human rights and freedom of expression. They argued that the resolution is focused on safeguarding religious symbols rather than human rights. The desecration of the Holy Quran in Sweden by an Iraqi immigrant sparked outrage among the Muslim world and led to demands for action. The vote result represents a defeat for Western countries, as the OIC has significant influence within the council. The resolution received 28 votes in favor, with 12 against and seven abstentions. The outcome indicates a retreat by Western countries at the Human Rights Council, according to Marc Limon, the director of the Universal Rights Group. The US expressed disappointment that their concerns were not taken seriously. Pakistan accused the West of showing lip service to their commitment to prevent religious hatred and criticized their unwillingness to condemn the act of desecration.

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