The threat of religious militancy, particularly the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), continues to pose a challenge to Pakistan’s security. The TTP had faced setbacks due to military operations, but it has recently regrouped and carried out numerous attacks across the country. Pakistan believed that, after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the TTP would lose its legitimacy and engage in negotiations. Talks were initiated between the Pakistani security establishment and TTP representatives, but progress was slow and eventually stalled. During the negotiations, a ceasefire was announced, but it did not last. Efforts were made to assess the possibility of repatriating militants to their tribal areas, but some tribes were reluctant due to past violence. With the return of the Afghan Taliban to power in Afghanistan, the TTP has become emboldened and has restructured itself, aligning with the Afghan Taliban’s hierarchy. The TTP now serves as an extension of the Afghan Taliban’s administrative structure in the tribal areas. This situation has created a strategic and ideological depth for the rulers of Kabul within Pakistan. Pakistan’s fight against religious militancy remains a significant challenge, and the TTP continues to pose a threat to the country’s security.

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