Saima Mohsin, a British-Pakistani journalist, is suing her former employer, CNN, for unfair dismissal, disability, and race discrimination. She claims that she was fired by CNN in 2017, three years after being injured while on assignment for the company. Mohsin tweeted about her case, stating that CNN wants it thrown out, but she is determined to fight. According to a report shared by Mohsin, she was injured in 2014 when her cameraman accidentally ran over her foot, causing severe damage. She claims that CNN refused her requests for alternative duties and support for rehabilitation. Mohsin also alleges that she asked CNN if she could switch to a presenting role to reduce travel time but was told she didn’t have the right “look.” CNN terminated her contract three years later. Mohsin’s claim includes allegations of race and disability discrimination, as well as a complaint about the gender pay gap at CNN. Mohsin lives with constant pain and exhaustion, but has found understanding and support at her current job at Sky News. CNN has declined to comment on the allegations and is disputing her claim on territorial grounds. Mohsin is an experienced journalist, presenter, and filmmaker who has worked in many countries and interviewed notable figures. She previously worked for CNN as a correspondent and anchor for several years.

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