An Islamabad court has deemed a complaint against former Prime Minister Imran Khan admissible, accusing him of hiding information about state gifts. The court has set a date for the next hearing and summoned witnesses to testify. This decision comes after the Islamabad High Court overturned the ruling of a lower court, which stated that the complaint was inadmissible. Imran Khan had requested an exemption from attending the hearing, but this was objected to by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). The ECP lawyer argued that the court had the authority to hear the case, citing a section of the Elections Act 2017. The lawyer also mentioned that the ECP had sent a copy of their verdict and file to Imran Khan. The case against Imran is based on a complaint filed by the ECP, alleging that he concealed details of gifts received from the Toshakhana during his time as prime minister. Imran Khan has faced legal issues regarding his retention of gifts before, leading to his disqualification by the ECP. The Toshakhana is a department that holds gifts given to government officials by foreign dignitaries. The ECP believes Imran misled officials about these gifts and has sought criminal proceedings against him.

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