The article discusses the etiquette and challenges of conducting layoffs remotely, especially through platforms like Zoom, due to the impact of COVID-19. It highlights the negative experiences of employees who were laid off without sufficient communication or empathy from their employers. The article also mentions how remote work has become more common and desirable for many Canadians, but emphasizes the need for companies to handle layoffs with kindness and humanity. It provides examples of companies that mishandled virtual layoffs, causing further harm to employees. The article suggests that companies should invest in proper procedures and planning for remote terminations, including clear rules for communication and device management. It also offers communication tips for delivering bad news remotely, such as maintaining eye contact through the camera and conducting one-on-one follow-ups. The article concludes by discussing the evolving nature of remote communication and the potential for new technologies, like virtual reality, to improve the authenticity of virtual connections during layoffs.

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