Twitter has accused Meta, the parent company of Facebook, of using its former employees to build its new platform called Threads. Twitter claims that Meta engaged in intellectual property theft, hired former employees who had access to confidential information, and scraped Twitter’s data in violation of its terms of service. However, the details of these accusations are not clear.

The accusation comes amidst the success of Threads, which was downloaded over 30 million times within a day of its release, making it the fastest-growing app in history. Some believe that Twitter’s legal action is a response to the new platform’s popularity.

In response to Twitter’s accusation, Meta stated that no former Twitter engineers were involved in the development of Threads. Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, seemed unperturbed by the situation, stating that the success of Threads was a good start for the company.

Intellectual property lawsuits are common among big tech firms, especially due to the frequent movement of employees between these companies. To win such a lawsuit, a company needs to prove that a trade secret providing a competitive advantage has been stolen. In many cases, these disputes are resolved through mediation.

Overall, Twitter’s accusations against Meta remain vague, not specifying which trade secrets were allegedly stolen or if there was a breach of confidentiality by the former employees.

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