An anti-terrorism court in Lahore has ordered PTI Chairman Imran Khan to participate in the investigation of five cases related to violence that occurred on May 9. The cases involve attacks on various locations, including Jinnah House, Askari Tower, the Shadman Town police station, vandalism at the PML-N office in Model Town, and the setting ablaze of a container during protests following Imran’s arrest in the Toshakhana case. Imran appeared in court with his lawyer, Intizar Panjhota. The judge expressed dissatisfaction with Imran’s failure to join the investigation and asked him why he hadn’t done so. Imran stated that he was unable to join due to appearing in court on a daily basis. The judge requested a list of Imran’s court appearances, to which Imran agreed and expressed his willingness to participate in the investigation. The judge emphasized the importance of law enforcement. Imran requested that investigation authorities visit his residence, but the judge suggested resolving the matter between Imran and the police. The government’s lawyer insisted that Imran join the probe at 4pm, but Imran said he was unavailable due to a meeting with the IMF. The judge directed Imran to join the investigation at the police headquarters by July 14 and extended his interim bail in all five cases until July 21.

In a separate case, an Islamabad sessions judge exempted Imran from appearing in court for an appeal challenging the maintainability of the Toshakhana reference. At a previous hearing, the judge had ordered Imran to appear in court, but his lawyer filed a plea to postpone the hearing. The lawyer representing the ECP accused Imran’s legal team of delaying tactics. The judge adjourned the hearing until the next day and instructed Imran to appear with his lawyer.

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