GS Engineering and Construction will rebuild an apartment complex in Incheon after an underground parking lot collapsed due to poor construction. The company will tear down and reconstruct 17 apartment buildings for 1,666 households, costing around $384 million to $768 million. The collapse occurred between two apartment buildings and beneath a children’s playground, but no casualties were reported. The ministry’s inspection team determined that the collapse was due to missing steel rebars and the strength of the concrete used did not meet safety standards. The ministry held both GS E&C and Korea Land and Housing Corp. (LH) accountable for the incident and plans to announce disciplinary actions. LH issued an apology and promised measures to prevent similar accidents in the future. The reconstruction will cause a delay of four to five years in the completion and move-in period of the complex. The inspection team also found that LH did not conduct quality control checks, as required by law.

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