More than 200 representatives from 50 Asian nations are meeting in South Korea to discuss solutions to water scarcity in the region. The Korea Water Resources Corp., known as K-water, is hosting the three-day general meeting of the Asia Water Council. The council, established in 2016, aims to facilitate international cooperation in solving water scarcity in Asia. Participants at the meeting include government officials, industry stakeholders, and academics from major Asian countries and international organizations. During the meeting, K-water discussed the council’s achievements in water projects and programs to help water-stressed countries in Asia. The council has completed 24 water projects since 2016, and recent projects were discussed to further address water shortages. Future directions for joint projects with the OECD and the United Nations Development Programme were also discussed. The meeting also included corporate exhibitions and business consultation sessions for Korean and global green industries. A business forum is planned for sharing water industry support policies, technologies, and investment programs. K-water CEO Yun Seog-dae held meetings with officials from the OECD, GCF, and GWP to address Asia’s water scarcity issues. The meeting aims to strengthen international cooperation and promote sustainable solutions to water scarcity. K-water plans to use its technology and global networks to support the green industry’s expansion and solve global water problems.

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