Victoria Amelina, a well-known young writer from Ukraine, has died at the age of 37 after being injured in a Russian missile strike on a restaurant. The attack, which took place in the city of Kramatorsk on June 27, resulted in the death of 13 civilians. Amelina was dining with a Colombian delegation when the missile struck. Despite receiving treatment for severe injuries, she passed away on Saturday. The news has greatly impacted Ukraine’s writing and journalism community, which has already lost many members due to the ongoing conflict with Russia. Amelina was a prolific writer, known for her novels, children’s books, poems, and essays. In addition to her literary work, she also devoted herself to investigating Russian war crimes and documenting the experiences of Ukrainian women. Amelina’s death has prompted an outpouring of tributes from friends and colleagues, who have cited her powerful words about living amidst war. She will be remembered for bringing attention to the devastating impact of human rights violations in Ukraine through her elegant prose.

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