Antonio and Leo, a gay couple from Rome, have been trying to have a baby for years. Adoption is not an option for them in Italy, so they considered surrogacy as a way to start their family. However, surrogacy is illegal in Italy and punishable by prison time and hefty fines. Despite this, many Italian couples have looked to countries where surrogacy is legal, such as Canada.

Antonio and Leo found a Canadian surrogate who was willing to carry their baby. However, the far-right government in Italy is working to pass a bill that would make surrogacy a crime, punishable anywhere in the world. The proposal has been spearheaded by lawmakers who believe surrogacy undermines the idea of motherhood and equate it to crimes like pedophilia.

This anti-surrogacy movement is gaining momentum among far-right parties in Europe and is fueling hostility towards LGBTQ families. Critics argue that surrogacy commodifies women’s bodies and can lead to exploitation. However, there are also positive experiences of surrogacy, even in countries where it is seen as exploitative.

Despite the opposition, many LGBTQ families and couples struggling with infertility turn to surrogacy as a way to have children. In Canada, where surrogacy is legal but commercial surrogacy is not, there are agencies that help global families find surrogates. LGBTQ families have played a role in making surrogacy more visible and bringing attention to the rights of intended parents.

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