Yamaha Motor Company has released a new sports scooter called the XMAX 300, which is equipped with advanced safety features. The scooter has an anti-lock brake system and a traction control system that reduces driving force when a slip is detected. It also has convenient features such as enough trunk space for two helmets, an adjustable screen, and handlebars. The XMAX 300 incorporates smart technology like keyless ignition and smartphone connectivity for sharing vehicle information and preventing accidents. Yamaha plans to include this smartphone connectivity feature, called Yamaha Motorcycle Connect, in all their models by 2027. The company is also working on other safety technologies like a radar-linked unified brake system, adaptive cruise control, and an advanced stability assist system. Yamaha is committed to promoting motorcycle safety by providing educational safety courses and aims to reduce motorcycle accident casualties by over 50% by 2030 compared to 2020 levels.

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