Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani has offered to resign and be held accountable amid criticism of a bill that would provide more benefits to past and future heads of the Senate. The bill, which has caused controversy, suggests giving lifetime full security and travel expenses to former Senate chairmen. Sanjrani defended the bill, saying it would address audit issues and not burden the economy. However, the Public Accounts Committee criticized the proposed law for adding to the country’s already troubled economy. In an interview, Sanjrani clarified that he did not seek any salary increases and personally covered his household expenses. He expressed readiness for an audit and accountability, stating that he would step down if any wrongdoing is proven. Sanjrani emphasized that he does not receive any perks as Senate chairman and suggested that, in a prosperous Pakistan, the chairman should have access to ten planes instead of one. He urged for better perks for representatives to promote honest work and mentioned some senators who depend only on their salaries.

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