Hyundai Motor Group has announced that it has invested $1.5 million in Korean auto chip startup Bos Semiconductors. This investment aims to strengthen the partnership between the two companies and develop auto chips for self-driving cars and electric vehicles. The details of where these chips will be installed have not been disclosed. This is the second round of funding from Hyundai for Bos Semiconductors through its startup-accelerating platform, Zero1ne. The investment was made through a simple agreement for future equity, giving Hyundai the right to shares in the startup when it raises future funding. Hyundai’s goal is to expand its partnerships with chipmakers to enhance its business in software-defined vehicles and address the chip shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This investment follows Hyundai’s recent collaboration with Samsung Electronics, where the two companies agreed to supply Samsung’s latest premium automotive processor for Hyundai’s in-car infotainment systems from 2025. Industry experts predict that Hyundai may continue to strengthen its ties with auto chip startups to advance its self-driving vehicle capabilities. Hyundai has been actively investing in startups focused on future mobility, with over $900 million invested in more than 200 domestic and global startups since 2017. Bos Semiconductors was founded in 2022 and specializes in designing and developing customized automotive chips. Its CEO, Park Jae-hong, previously worked at Samsung Electronics.

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