Emro is a South Korean company that specializes in supply chain management. They use artificial intelligence to improve accuracy and efficiency in procurement operations. The company was founded in 2000 and has worked with leading companies in industries such as Samsung, Hyundai Motor, LG, and SK. They have developed AI-based software and cloud technologies that predict future demands and price fluctuations of key materials. In 2019, they launched emroCloud, a supply chain management cloud service. Emro aims to expand its customer base to include medium-sized and small businesses by providing a standardized purchasing system through emroCloud. They plan to become a global software company and enter the international market, starting with the United States. Emro has partnered with Samsung SDS and o9 Solutions to develop an integrated supply chain management platform. With their expertise in procurement systems and supply chain management, Emro aims to contribute to the digital transformation and efficiency enhancement of businesses worldwide.

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