The Pakistani government has unveiled an “Economic Revival Plan” to revive the country’s economy. The plan aims to attract foreign investments in key sectors such as energy, mining, agriculture, IT, and defense production. A Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) has been established to facilitate these investments and overcome bureaucratic hurdles. The Pakistan Army is heavily involved in the plan and has been given significant control over the implementation process.

However, there are several concerns with the plan. Firstly, it does not address the fundamental issue of the country’s inability to increase exports. This has been a problem for several years and has contributed to a decline in the economy. Secondly, the plan grants privileges and advantages to certain sectors and actors, stifling competition and inefficiently allocating resources. Thirdly, there is a duplication of efforts with the establishment of the SIFC, which mirrors existing committees and could lead to potential legal issues. Lastly, there is no clear debt management strategy in place, and the government seems unaware or unwilling to address the severe economic peril the country is facing.

Overall, the Economic Revival Plan appears to be misguided and does not address the core problems of the economy. It is important for the government to face its mistakes and implement effective solutions to prevent further economic decline.

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By hassani

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