General Motors and Ford have agreed to adopt the charging technology developed by Tesla, allowing their customers to use some of Tesla’s fast chargers. The fear of not finding a charger is one of the main reasons people hesitate to buy electric cars. However, working with Tesla comes with risks for the rest of the auto industry because Tesla’s charging system is not overseen by an independent organization. The decision to work with Tesla also comes with risks for Tesla, as exclusive access to their charging stations has helped sell their cars. Battles over technical standards in new technologies are common, and this could discourage people from buying electric cars. Ford, General Motors, and most manufacturers other than Tesla have been using the Combined Charging System (CCS) plugs in Europe. Under the recent agreements, Tesla will offer adapters for Ford and General Motors cars to connect to their fast chargers. The combined clout of Tesla, Ford, and General Motors may render the CCS plug obsolete in the future. However, as more manufacturers join Tesla’s network, Tesla will lose some control over the system.

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