Baidu Inc, China’s leading search engine provider, announced that its latest AI model called Ernie 3.5 has outperformed the popular OpenAI chatbot, ChatGPT, in various aspects. The Beijing-based company conducted a test using datasets like AGIEval and C-Eval to evaluate the performance of their AI models. Baidu claimed that Ernie 3.5 surpassed ChatGPT in comprehensive ability scores and outperformed GPT-4 in several Chinese capabilities. Other Chinese tech companies, including Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings, have also revealed their own AI models following the global AI trend sparked by ChatGPT. Baidu introduced Ernie Bot, based on its older Ernie 3.0 AI model, earlier this year as a competitor to ChatGPT. Baidu’s new model offers better training and inference efficiency, making future iterations faster and cheaper. Additionally, the model supports external plugins, which are additional applications that allow the AI to perform tasks like summarizing text and generating precise answers. Baidu aims to further advance its AI technology and remain competitive in the market.

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