The author has been teaching about AI in their classroom for over five years and wanted to understand how AI is being used in the world and how to teach it in schools.

They reached out to educators and students to get their thoughts on the changes happening in education due to emerging technologies like AI. Educators are excited and curious about the potential of AI but also have concerns about cheating and ethical use. They believe it is important to prepare students for the future by familiarizing them with AI technologies.

Students also see the potential of AI and have used it as a study tool, finding it helpful in understanding and processing information. They believe that AI can do amazing things when collaborating with humans.

Looking ahead, educators predict a shift towards assessment for learning and increased integration of AI in education. They believe that emerging technologies have provided new opportunities for students and will continue to enhance the learning environment.

The author, as an educator, plans to teach a class on technology’s role in the classroom and wants students to experiment with different technologies to find what works best for them. They are also considering using AI in their art classes.

Overall, AI and emerging technologies have revolutionized education in ways that were not previously imagined, and there are now incredible opportunities available to us.

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