South Korean Buddhist monk Ven. Doyeon has informed the Jogye Order, the largest Buddhist sect in South Korea, that he wants to leave monastic life and return to lay life. This comes after allegations were made that he may have fathered two children, which goes against the sect’s rules of celibacy. The monk did not provide a specific reason for his decision to leave. While monastic members of the Jogye Order are not allowed to marry or have relationships, other smaller sects do not have such restrictions. It is reported that Ven. Doyeon got married and had his first child while he was a member of a Buddhist sect that allowed monks to have families. His second child was born after he transitioned to the Jogye sect in 2016. The Jogye sect is currently investigating the allegations and considering disciplinary measures. Ven. Doyeon stated on Facebook that he will stop all public activities and focus on studying Buddha’s teachings and practicing prayer. His publisher has terminated their contract with him, and his books will no longer be published.

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