Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) has denied reports that the deaths of five patients in the ICU were caused by air-conditioning failure. Earlier reports claimed that the deaths happened because the air conditioning in the ICU was not working properly. PIMS spokesperson, Dr Mushtaq Daha, stated that the air conditioning system in the hospital is being upgraded and will be completed by June 30. He also mentioned that the patients had suffered from heat stroke before coming to the hospital and could not be saved. The emergency ward of the hospital has also faced air-conditioning issues for some time, and many doctors have been affected by heatstroke. However, PIMS authorities have stated that nine air conditioning units were installed in the emergency ward on the instructions of the health minister. The offices of most doctors have functioning air conditioners, and the hospital’s x-ray film stock has reportedly run out, forcing patients to take x-ray photographs with their smartphones. Young doctors have started protesting against the hospital administration and the health ministry’s negligence.

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