Residents of East Palestine, Ohio are angry at President Joe Biden and the federal government for their response to a recent train derailment that released toxic chemicals into the air. Despite federal agencies sending people to the site and visits from Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and EPA Administrator Michael Regan, residents feel that they have not received adequate assistance. They are particularly upset with Biden for not visiting the community or mentioning it in his State of the Union address. The decision to burn off the toxic chemicals may have been unnecessary, as evidence suggests that the feared chemical reaction was not happening. However, many residents blame the burning of the chemicals for the health problems they are experiencing. First responders did not know what was in the train cars for hours, as the systems meant to provide that information broke down. Rail workers and their unions claim that cost-cutting measures have curtailed inspections, resulting in less thorough inspections being done. The freight rail industry makes many decisions about its operations through consensus, and individual railroads make their own rules. The NTSB is examining these issues and may make recommendations for changes to regulations.

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