Adhesive tape is commonly used for various purposes, like fixing things and sealing packages. However, removing strong tape can be difficult and may damage the surface it is stuck on. But what if there was tape that was both strong and easy to remove? This could revolutionize industries like robotics, health monitoring, and manufacturing.

A team of researchers led by Michael Bartlett from Virginia Tech has conducted research to develop such adhesive. They published their findings in Nature Materials. Adhesive tape was first created in the 1920s for car painters, and since then, different types of tapes have been developed for various uses.

Normally, when tape is peeled off, it separates in a straight line until it is completely removed. Strong adhesives are harder to peel off, while reusable adhesives are not as strong. Bartlett’s team looked into a traditional Japanese art form that is over 2,000 years old to find a solution.

They theorized that if they could control the way the tape separates, they could create adhesives that are both strong and easy to remove. This discovery could have a significant impact on industries that rely on adhesive products.

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