The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee, led by Haroon Malik, will receive an extension of eight-and-a-half months after its current mandate expires. The elections for the PFF are not expected to happen soon, as the committee has only started the process of reviewing clubs, which is the first step towards holding elections for the president of the country’s football governing body. The committee’s mandate was supposed to end on June 30, but FIFA’s Council has decided to extend it until March of next year. The government has been pressuring the committee to conduct elections promptly. The committee has been criticized for delays in the election process and has faced challenges since taking office in January 2021. FIFA has urged the committee to complete the election process as soon as possible. The elections for the PFF involve multiple stages, including polls at the district level, elections of provincial football associations, and the selection of a Congress that elects the PFF president. The committee has been accused of favoring one faction, but the committee chairman stressed that they have no favorites and want the elections to be free and fair.

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