Last week, an overloaded boat that was traveling from Libya to Greece capsized and sank in the open sea. According to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), at least 209 Pakistanis were among the victims of the tragedy. This figure is based on information provided by families who reported that their relatives had boarded the boat and were still missing. The official death toll is currently 82, with 12 survivors being identified as Pakistani. The FIA is currently investigating to verify the number of Pakistani victims.

The government has not yet confirmed the number of Pakistani citizens on the boat, but they have started collecting DNA samples to help identify the deceased. The FIA data shows that out of the 201 families who provided DNA samples, 181 were from Pakistan and 28 were from Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Witnesses have estimated that between 400 and 750 people were on the boat when it sank, making it one of the worst sea disasters in the region in years.

In response to the tragedy, the FIA has arrested 29 suspected human smugglers in Pakistan. The agency has been assigned by the government to handle the investigation into the incident.

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