The mother of slain journalist Arshad Sharif has asked the Pakistani Supreme Court to direct the special Joint Investigation Team (JIT) investigating her son’s killing to involve PTI Chairman Imran Khan and four others in the investigation. Sharif’s mother has named five people who “have been found claiming about the persons who are involved in the conspiracy and the execution of the murder,” and requested they be included in the investigation to obtain evidence against the real perpetrators. The application also notes that the mother hasn’t seen the fact-finding inquiry report or the JIT reports. In February, it was noted that Kenyan authorities were not granting “full access” to the investigation team, and UAE officials had also not allowed the team to conduct an investigation there. In March, the special JIT furnished a progress report, and the Supreme Court observed that the “transnational roles of characters in Kenya, Dubai, and Pakistan” in this assassination cannot be ruled out. Sharif left Pakistan in August last year after a number of cases were registered against him, and he was initially staying in the UAE before moving to Kenya, where he was shot dead. Initially, Kenyan media had reported that local police had shot Sharif by mistake.

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