The author emphasizes the need to shift from a traditional schooling system to a learning ecosystem to empower individuals to create a better future. With rapid advancements in technology and complex global issues like pandemics, financial instability, and ecological precariousness, it’s necessary to move away from rigid schooling models and embrace emerging learning paradigms that leverage technology to become more human and solve wicked problems. The author presents a list of key concepts for our collective learning future, from agency and belonging to creativity, discernment, and vitality. The article highlights the importance of cultivating kind, joyful, and virtuous cultures that support optimal learning and growth through inquiry-based learning, meta-learning, pedagogical core, self-determination theory, trans-disciplinary learning, among other key themes. Understanding relationships, seeking clarity and self-awareness, and being open to the unknown are also essential for modern learning organizations and systems to achieve their core goal of student wellbeing and flourishing. Ultimately, it’s crucial to ask ourselves, our colleagues, and our students what our zest and purpose are to make a positive difference in the world around us. The author plans to create short videos of each of these terms across 2023 to promote fully human learning.

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