Gwangju, a city in South Korea, is focusing on high-tech industries such as AI, big data, and semiconductors to boost its economic growth and attract young people back to the city. Gwangju has been an early investor in the AI industry by encouraging companies to set up a decade ago. The city is home to over 100 AI companies, making it suitable for an industrial complex for future auto technologies. This state-designated cluster will certify parts for future cars and advance AI technologies. Gwangju also plans to attract semiconductor companies in the same way and has already attracted a government-led research institute. The city is developing one-day tours that specialize in art and food to attract tourists, and it aims to promote its cultural heritage from culinary skills to international contemporary art such as the Gwangju Biennale. Gwangju is also preparing to hold the largest start-up festival in Korea, with investment around Gwangju station to create a start-up valley there with a goal to complete it by 2025. Mayor Kang Ki-jeong believes that young people who dream of starting their own businesses will want to live in Gwangju as the city promotes various industries.

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