Will the PM’s all-out support lead to the unraveling of a vicious plot to undermine the promotion of sports in the country?

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In the opening ceremony of the National Games in Quetta, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif promised to provide resources for athletes to excel in their respective sports. He emphasized the importance of having healthy and educated youths for the development of any nation. Pakistan’s youth has great potential that can be utilized in different sports to bring pride to the country. The Prime Minister congratulated Governor Balochistan, the Chief Minister, and the management committee for their excellent arrangements. The Games have been in progress for a week, and Pakistan Army leads with 54 gold medals. The Navy won their 23rd gold medal in sailing. The tennis events commenced in Islamabad with Punjab and Navy winning their matches, while doubts existed for the athletics program to be held in Quetta. Although the Pakistan Olympic Association did not make an official announcement, reports suggest that athletics wouldn’t be held in Quetta as Athletics Federation of Pakistan president, retired Maj Gen Akram Sahi, obtained a stay order to prevent them from going ahead.

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