What you don’t know about these latest items being hit by ‘shrinkflation’ could cost you.

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“Shrinkflation” is affecting several products, according to new data from supermarket comparison app Frugl. This happens when costs for manufacturers go up, causing them to reduce the size of their products rather than increase prices. For example, Woolworth’s organic tomato chutney went from $4.20 for 275g to $5 for 250g due to increased wholesale costs. In February, Masterfoods garlic granules fell from 50g to 45g while the price remained at $3.15, Ritz crackers decreased from 300g to 227g while remaining at $3.50, and Lindt maxi carrots increased from $16.50 for 374g to $17 for 354g. Researchers have found that standard shrinkflation (a reduced size at the same price) produces a better sales result than increasing the price. Shoppers are advised to look at the unit price, which can save them up to $1,700 a year on grocery shopping. The Australian Bureau of Statistics takes shrinkflation into account when calculating the Consumer Price Index. Mars Foods, Mondelez International, and Lindt & Sprüngli have not commented.

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