What mysteries does Logitech’s new docking station screen hold?

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Logitech has unveiled its latest USB-C docking station, the Logi Dock Flex, which is designed to address the challenges of hot desking and hybrid work. With an 8-inch touchscreen, it can book rooms and monitor desk availability via Logitech’s new desk booking tool, as well as Zoom Workspace or Microsoft Teams. The dock contains an array of ports designed to support standard office setups, including two USB-C ports, a USB-A port, and a gigabit ethernet port. The dock also enables two 4K monitors via HDMI and DisplayPort connections, as well as a dedicated USB-C connection that provides 100W charging to a laptop. The device can also be used to join meetings, view calendars, display photographs, and show away messages. The Logi Dock Flex is the successor to Logitech’s original Logi Dock, which features a built-in speakerphone. The new dock comes with a free version of Logitech’s desk booking software, which can be run independently via the Logi Tune mobile and desktop apps. The desk booking software’s premium version offers analytics, advanced user management, and office maps for $49 per desk annually. The Logi Dock Flex will be available in Fall 2023 at $699.

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