What does Google’s Sundar Pichai secretly discuss about Search, AI, and dancing with Microsoft?

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai discussed the company’s new generative AI features and the future of search in an interview with The Verge. Pichai has recently reorganised Google and Alphabet’s AI teams by merging Google Brain AI group with DeepMind to form a new unit called Google DeepMind. The interview also touched on Microsoft’s recent collaboration with OpenAI on Bing, which could provide the first major competitor to Google Search in some time. Pichai admitted that web search can be “hit or miss” and that AI-based search might just be able to answer questions in a more natural way, but that would mean “remaking Google.” The CEO also discussed the potential labour disruption caused by AI and how governments must address the issue through skilling and adaptations. Pichai added that new professions are constantly being created, and AI will bring unprecedented benefits and downsides that we must anticipate and address responsibly. While the answers to AI’s geopolitical implications are not always obvious, Pichai said Google will engage and find the right answers as it navigates through the complex issue.

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