What dark forces are behind the thwarting of the British MPs’ urgent call to Imran Khan, leaving them seething with anger?

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Conservative Party politicians in the UK were prevented from speaking to Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, after Pakistan’s telecoms authorities disconnected his internet connection, according to reports. Nearly 20 British politicians had been due to speak to Mr Khan via Zoom when the internet connection was cut off for half an hour. Sara Britcliffe MP called for the release of political prisoners and journalists in Pakistan and expressed concern about the political and security situation in the country. Mr Khan’s disconnection occurred at around 6pm Pakistan time, and the Zoom call instead involved former adviser Zulfi Bukhari answering questions. Azeem Ibrahim, one of the meeting participants, expressed concern about the alleged overreach of the military in Pakistan and called on British politicians to make a statement that they had been prevented from speaking with Mr Khan. The British government has refrained from making any direct comments on Mr Khan’s arrest and ensuing crackdown. Meanwhile, the PTI is lobbying US senators to help protect democracy and call for fair and free elections in Pakistan.

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