“Unveiling a new order: The suspenseful pursuit of supply chain partners by G-7.”

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The Group of Seven (G-7), consisting of developed nations that have dominated international trade and finance, is shifting to create a “mutually beneficial” partnership with developing nations for resilient supply chains. Economic security is a significant G-7 policy this year, causing concern about China’s dominance in critical components that threaten the national security of other major powers. The G-7 plans to diversify its supply chains of critical components necessary for decarbonization by enabling low- and middle-income countries to play a more significant role. Japan, as G-7 Chair, needs to ensure that the group keeps an eye on China and maintains a balanced approach to the country. While the USA is more aggressive, Japan is pursuing cooperation and a common position among the middle powers’ bloc. The G-7 must focus on sending out a constructive message and invite key players from developing countries such as Brazil, India, Singapore, and South Korea to become resilient. When the G-7 leaders meet, they will review global challenges from Russia’s aggression and food security to nuclear disarmament and discuss economic security.

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