Unlock the secrets of Microsoft’s Build 2023 conference with this thrilling guide.

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Microsoft’s annual developer conference, Build, will take place from Tuesday, May 23rd, to Thursday, May 25th. The event will showcase Microsoft’s latest platform improvements for developers, with a focus on the company’s AI plans. The conference will be held virtually and in-person at the Seattle conference center, where attendees can expect to hear the latest announcements on Windows, Microsoft’s productivity apps, Azure cloud services, and more. The keynote for the conference will kick off on May 23rd at 9AM PT/12PM ET, with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella leading the announcements, followed by Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott holding a session around “the era of the AI Copilot.” This year, there is also a lot of buzz around Microsoft’s GPT-4-powered version of Bing and its Copilot assistant platform for Office apps, Teams, and other business apps. For anyone interested in following the conference, The Verge will be covering all the news coming out of Build.

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