Two millennial brothers orchestrate a daring escape for a North Korean family in an exclusive tale of suspense.

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Two North Korean brothers in their early 30s recently defected with their family, citing their desire for a life in South Korea after secretly watching South Korean TV. Sources indicated the brothers are late millennials, part of the tech-savvy younger generation in North Korea with increased access to external information. According to analyses, North Korean millennials are the main consumers of foreign media content, mostly from South Korea, where such acts are severely punished. A South Korean government report on the human rights situation in North Korea released in March revealed North Korea has publicly executed citizens including teens for watching South Korean media. The two brothers’ father, who died nearly a decade ago, was rejected from joining the Workers’ Party, North Korea’s sole political party, and had faced discrimination. The family of two brothers, their mother, their wives, and children of one of the brothers crossed the sea border west of the peninsula at night about two weeks ago and have been held by authorities for entry investigation since then.

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