“The Terrible Truth Behind Bills In Focus: A Dangerous Game of Fighting DUIs, Pay Transparency and Tech Deregulation.”

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The article reports on recent proposed and pending bills, as well as a promulgated bill and an administrative announcement, related to various aspects of Korean law. These include a proposed amendment to the Road Traffic Act to require DUI offenders to install prevention devices in their vehicles, a proposed amendment to the Fair Hiring Procedure Act to mandate more transparency in job postings, a pending amendment to the Microfinance Support Act to require banks to contribute a percentage of excess profits to social causes, a promulgated decree to ease accounting regulations for small privately-held companies and protect whistleblowers, and an administrative announcement to streamline regulatory approval for new technologies. The report is intended to offer information about the latest developments in Korean legislation and may be of interest to those seeking to better understand the country’s legal and regulatory system. Contact details are provided for those with further queries about the bills or other legal issues.

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