The start of an impending catastrophe as the Interim Punjab CM unveils the shocking truth about the staggering Rs6bn worth of damages caused by PTI-led protests.

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The Punjab province in Pakistan suffered over Rs6,000 million worth of losses due to violent protests following the arrest of PTI chief, Imran Khan. Interim Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, has said that all evidence shows that the riots were pre-planned and conveyed to the protesters. During the unrest, 108 cars, including police vehicles, were set on fire, and 23 buildings, including banks and the Lahore Corps Commander House, were damaged by PTI workers. Naqvi has vowed to arrest every culprit, and warned that the police have now been given permission to take strict action if any protest enters the government building. Naqvi has also accused PTI leader Yasmin Rashid of being a “central character” in the protests.

Army Chief, General Syed Asim Munir, has commented that the armed forces will not tolerate any further attempts to violate the sanctity and security of its installations, or vandalism, and will bring to justice all planners, abettors, instigators and executors of the 9th May protest. He also highlighted the challenges of information warfare, and the malicious concerted effort of inimical elements to target the armed forces.

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