The Sinister Sound of Saucepans: France’s Mysterious Method to Express Fury Against Pensions Law.

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Protests against the French government’s proposed pension overhaul have spread nationwide, with demonstrators beating pots and pans, in a protest called “casserolades”. The loud and disruptive demonstrations have stopped dozens of visits by cabinet ministers to schools and factories and have become a symbol of a broader discontent in France. The government now announces its travel plans at the last minute for fear of encountering protesters. The pan-banging is indicative of centuries-old protest traditions in France, which date back to the Middle Ages, particularly the instrument’s use for protesting poor political representation. As retirees supported by active workers live longer, the government wishes to raise the pension age to 64 from 62. President Emmanuel Macron has stood firm behind the proposed legislation, which he says addresses the issue of the country’s unsustainable pension system, based on payroll taxes. The moves have been unpopular with the public, and unions have called for a nationwide day of protests early next month.

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