“The Shocking Secret Behind Montreal’s Remarkably Easier Parking Solution Revealed – Beware!”

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A new app called Parky.ai has been launched in Montreal to help drivers understand complicated parking restriction signs and avoid getting fines. Developed using artificial intelligence by Quebec-based company Underlabs, the app processes photos of parking restriction signs that drivers take, then gives a simple yes or no response about whether the driver can park there. Underlabs staff took over 1,000 pictures of various signs to teach the app how to interpret a plethora of parking regulations. The software is said to be quicker than humans when interpreting signs, with a success rate of 83% for single signs and 74% for multiple ones. Users can flag inaccuracies, which improve the software’s accuracy, but currently the app is focusing on Montreal. Underlabs plans to launch Parky.ai in other provinces in the future.

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