The fate of Nuri rocket’s 3rd launch hangs in the balance as an unknown threat forces postponement.

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The third launch of South Korea’s homegrown Nuri rocket has been postponed due to a software error. During the checkup on the low-temperature helium valve control, a problem occurred in the communication between computers that control the launch operation and the launch pad’s equipment. The valve itself did not have any issues as it could be operated manually. But once the valve control system goes into automatic operation, it could shut down the launch process altogether. The state-run Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute and three private companies — Lumir, Justek and Kairo Space — developed the seven cube satellites. If the problem can be fixed, a second launch could take place on Thursday. The first launch of Nuri rocket fell short of reaching its targeted orbit in October 2021, and the second attempt successfully put a dummy satellite into orbit in June 2022 to make South Korea the seventh country in the world with indigenous technology to launch a satellite weighing 1 metric ton or heavier.

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