The fate of Imran’s potential arrest hangs in the balance as the LHC deliberates on his plea.

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Imran Khan, the Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, has asked the Lahore High Court to protect him from being arrested in any new criminal case registered in Lahore since 9 May. Last week, he was arrested on the premises of the Islamabad High Court in relation to the Al-Qadir Trust case. The Lahore High Court is currently reviewing his plea and has reserved judgement. Last week, the Islamabad High Court barred the authorities from arresting Imran until 17 May. Imran’s wife, Bushra Bibi, has also been implicated in the Al-Qadir Trust case. Khan expressed fears on 14 May that the government might arrest her. The Lahore High Court has already granted bail to Bushra Bibi until 23 May.

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