The chilling legacy of Hiroshima serves as a haunting reminder of the perilous consequences of today’s unrestricted technologies.

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The Genbaku Dome in Hiroshima, a building which partially survived the first atomic bombing, has become an anti-war symbol. It was a focus for Japanese Prime Minister Fumeo Kishida as he hosted the G7 summit in Japan. Meeting at a time of nuclear tension, leaders also addressed the issue of the development of artificial intelligence. The G7 issued a call for the adoption of technical standards to keep AI “trustworthy”. The focus of concern is generative AI, a subset of the technology. AI pioneers have warned of its potential impact on economic and social disruption, including the displacement of workers and discriminatory biases. The leaders agreed to the creation of a ministerial forum to discuss issues around AI and intellectual property rights by the end of 2016. Artificial intelligence pioneer, Geoffrey Hinton, who recently resigned from Google warned some of the AI chatbots now developed are “quite scary” and may soon be more intelligent than humans. Barack Obama has warned: “Technological progress without an equivalent progress in human institutions can doom us”.

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