“Shockingly Unveiled: Manitoba Crown Corporation Leader Removed by Board Chair Following Intensive Investigation”

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The CEO of Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), Eric Herbelin, has been fired following an internal review of his conduct. This comes after cost overruns and plans by the Crown corporation were questioned by provincial regulators. Although no specifics have been given on the investigation or discussions, the MPI board chair has said that the findings prompted the termination of Herbelin’s employment. The highest-profile issue at MPI has been the overhaul of its core IT systems, which has nearly tripled in cost from its original estimate. Recently, the corporation submitted plans to increase staffing by 21% due to Covid-19, which the Public Utilities Board warned against as Project Nova lacked management control. Kelvin Goertzen, the minister responsible for MPI, has ordered an external review of the corporation that is expected to report in December. Manitoba’s Opposition New Democrats have stated that the problems at MPI are leading to higher insurance premiums.

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