Fate hangs in the balance as an online search brings together man and the eerie intelligence of AI to make up for lost time.

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After dominating online search for 25 years, Google is now facing a potential reset thanks to the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Bots such as ChatGPT, Bard and Bing are being used to provide answers to questions based on AI algorithms. Microsoft has revamped its Bing search engine to directly respond to users’ queries, suggesting vacation plans or comparing products, for instance. Google has also updated its search engine, creating chatbots that offer paragraphs of information to answer users’ questions. The technology could ultimately challenge the effectiveness of internet advertising as users search directly for products, making the role of ads uncertain. However, experts believe major tech firms will adapt to the new technology and ads will continue to play a vital role in online search. Bots will also become increasingly important in other areas, such as personal shopping assistants.

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