Demanding clarity, Pakistan’s ominous discontent with the new ICC revenue model initiates a foreboding atmosphere.

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The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is not happy with the proposed new revenue distribution model for international cricket. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has proposed a new revenue sharing model for the 2024-27 cycle, which will be voted on at its next board meeting in June. According to figures leaked to Cricinfo, India would claim 38.5% of the revenue, while England and Australia would pocket 6.89% and 6.25% respectively. Pakistan stands to earn 5.75% of the ICC’s projected earnings, primarily from its media rights sale. The PCB is insisting that the ICC should tell them how these figures were arrived at before approving it. India generates an estimated 80% of ICC revenue. In principle, India should get more, there is no doubt about that but… how is this table being developed?” said Najam Sethi, the chairman of the PCB. The proposed revenue split has become a major talking point in world cricket. Former England captain Mike Atherton, writing in The Times newspaper, criticised the flawed model, which he feared would only deepen the game’s existing inequality.

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