“Darkness looms as Pakistan’s electricity production plummets by 23% year on year in April.”

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Total power generation in Pakistan declined by 23% on a yearly basis to 10,010 GWh in April 2023 compared to 12,960 GWh in the same period last year, according to Arif Habib Limited. It was the highest decline since available data from July 2012. However, power generation increased by 15% on a monthly basis to 10,010 GWh in April 2023 from 8,741 GWh in March. The total cost of generating electricity remained unchanged at Rs10.24 kWh on a year-on-year basis but increased by 25% on a month-on-month basis to Rs8.22 kWh in March. During the first ten months of the 2022-23 financial year, power generation decreased by 10% YoY to 103,593 GWh compared to 114,660 GWh a year prior. Renewable energy sources including solar improved by 44% on a yearly basis to 126 GWh, while generation from other renewable sources such as wind declined by 31% to 323 GWh.

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